Family Support Program | Supported Home Placement Program

Children’s Services provides supports to families and disabled children through a variety of programs and services. Supports are delivered in the community and homes of families and proprietors.

Children’s programs conform to the Alberta Association for Services to Children and Families standards. Services are delivered under the direction of families, guardians, and the Central Alberta Child and Family Authority. The agency also delivers Children’s Services under the authority of various aboriginal band councils and Territorial Government agencies from the NWT and Nunavut.

Parkland’s Children’s Services include the Family Support Program and the Supported Home Placement Program.

Family Support Program
The Family Support Program provides in-home assistance for families to cope with, and manage their child’s needs. The program provides the family with support staff, in-home parental relief, child care, home making services, and community involvement activities.

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Supported Home Placement Program
The Supported Home Placement (SHP) Program allows disabled children to live in the home of an individual caregiver or family.

Children require out-of-home placement for a variety of reasons including school attendance, family breakdown, chronic illness, or high behavioral needs. The program provides accommodation, com-bined with family support and nurturing that is provided by the caregiver.

Children have the opportunity to grow and experience success in a safe and healthy environment that is conducive to skill development, empowerment, and consumer participation within the home, family, and community.

Parkland's Children's Programs are accredited through the
Canadian Accreditation Council of Human Services.

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