Community Bridging Program | Adult Respite Care Program | RELAX Crew Program

Adult Day Programs operate under the direction of families and/or guardians, consumers, and the Persons with Developmental Disabilities Central Alberta Community Board.

Day program supports are provided in the community, as well as through an agency-operated facility, the RELAX Crew Clubhouse. Day programs are alternatives to full time employment and generally focus on individual access to generic community activities and services. Supports are also provided for group activities which foster the development of friendships and peer relations.

A segment of the agencyís adult day program services involves providing relief and respite care to families who are caring for a dependently disabled adult son, daughter, or sibling in their family home.

Adult Day Program Services include the Community Bridging Program, the Adult Respite Care Program, and the RELAX Crew Program.

Community Bridging Program
The Community Bridging Program provides staff support to individual consumers to facilitate out-of-home community activities that are based on the individualís likes, interests, and abilities.

The program provides a structured alternative to employment, if desired, or it supplements the individualís lifestyle. Personal supports are provided so that individual needs are met and community participation is maximized.

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Adult Respite Care Program
The Adult Respite Care Program offers temporary care and support to disabled adults through short term out-of-home stays away from their family, or through providing the family with in-home staff.

Respite care offers families an opportunity to temporarily divest themselves of the daily demands of caring for a disabled adult. This contributes to the maintenance of stronger families.

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RELAX Crew Program
The RELAX Crew Social Club is a consumer directed social, leisure and recreational organization which gives members increased opportunities to develop and expand friendships with other disabled individuals who have common interests.

This outcome is achieved as consumers participate in a wide variety of leisure, recreational, and social activities or experiences.

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