Parkland CLASS has a comprehensive policy and procedure framework that ensures consistent approaches to service delivery and problem solving. Much can be learned about an organization through an examination of its key policies. Questions can be answered about how the rights of individuals are respected, and how the organization´┐Żs guiding Values and Principles are incorporated into day to day service delivery and administrative activities. The following are a small sample of the important policies that govern the agency and its employees. Please click on the Policy Category of interest to view the individual policies listed below.

Rights & Responsibilities Framework
  • Foundation of Rights and Responsibilities
  • Agency Accountability
  • Employee Rights
  • Individuals in Service - Rights and Responsibilities
  • Guardian Rights and Responsibilities
Guardian & Consumer Policies
  • Abuse of Individuals in Service
  • Informed Consent
  • Individual / Guardian Grievance and Appeal Process
Human Resources Policies
  • Staff Training
  • Annual Acknowledgement
  • Employee Grievance and Appeal
Workplace Safety Policies
  • Employee Relations and Workplace Safety
  • Health and Safety Standards
  • Sexual and Other Harassment
  • Harassment and Assault by Individuals in Service
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