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Residential Services provides direct supports through agency operated community homes that offer living arrangements with two or three individuals sharing a home. As an alter-native, supports are also provided in proprietor homes or the apartments of individual consumers.

All Adult Residential Services conform to Alberta Association of Rehabilitation Centers - Accreditation Standards. The Children Residential Program conforms to the Certification Standards of the Alberta Association for Services to Children and Families.

Residential programs are operated under the direction of the families, guardians, indivi-duals who are receiving services, Persons With Developmental Disabilities Central Alberta Community Board, and other government authorities or agencies.

Residential services are provided through Parkland CLASS Adult and Children's Residential Programs, the Children's Relief Program, the Adult Proprietorship Program, and the Individual Life Styles (I.L.S.) Program.

Adult Residential Services Program
The Adult Residential Services Program provides housing and accommodation combined with personal support staffing. The resulting service model fosters inclusion within the community. Affordable and accessible single-family housing is most often used with three (3) individuals sharing the cost of accommodation and staffing. Personal supports are provided so each individual's needs are met while independence, empowerment and full participation, within the home environment and community are maximized.

Children's Residential Services Program
The Children's Residential Services Program provides a home-like atmosphere for children who require permanent out-of-home placement for a variety of reasons including school attendance, family breakdown or chronic illness and high needs. The program provides housing and accommodation combined with personal support staff. Children have the opportunity to grow and experience success in a safe and healthy environment conducive to learning.

Children's Respite Program
The Children's Respite Program offers temporary care and supports to children with disabilities through short-term stays at agency-operated children's residences. The relief program offers families an opportunity to temporarily divest themselves of the demands of a child with special needs and assists in maintaining strong family units.

Individual Life Styles (I.L.S.) Program
The Individual Life Styles (ILS) Program provides support to individuals who may or may not require 24 hr. supervision but choose to live on their own or with a roommate. Each individual maintains an individual lifestyle in the community and generally lives in their own apartment. There is a wide range of staffing support hours which is based on the needs of the individual. Individual needs are met while independence, empowerment, and participation within the community are maximized.

Adult Proprietorship Program
The Adult Proprietorship Program allows individuals to live in the home of a caregiver or family. This service model provides housing and accommodation combined with friendship, nurturing, and support provided by the caregiver. Individuals have the opportunity to grow and experience success in a safe and healthy environment conducive to skill development and the achievement of personal quality of life outcome goals that maximize their participation within the home and community.

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