Mission Statement
Parkland Community Living and Supports Society exists to improve the quality of life of children and adults with developmental disabilities through individual choice, dignity and rights.

Guiding Values
In support of Parkland Community Living and Supports Society’s Mission Statement, the following values, as they relate to disabled children and adults, serve to guide the Society:
  • Citizenship - which is based on the principles of individual value and worth, individual rights and freedom, and equality which recognizes the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of the individual;

  • Choice - which empowers the individuals to make real choices about real options in life, including where they will live and what they will do;

  • Support - which implies that every individual, regardless of their disability, is entitled to receive those technical, personal, and financial supports which are necessary to live as independently as possible within the community; and

  • Equality of Opportunity - which ensures that disabled individuals have, wherever possible, equal access to those aspects of life which are often taken for granted including an education, employment, their own homes, social interaction and friendship, and access to generic community services.
Registered Objectives
The registered objectives of Parkland Community Living and Supports Society are - in part:
  • To promote the personal development and advancement of disabled persons and to promote the education of their families and the community to adopt the guiding values of the Society;

  • To confer and cooperate with other organizations and agencies that work with, and advocate on behalf of, disabled persons;

  • To acquire lands ... and to provide facilities for residential services, education, and other programs which facilitate the personal development and well-being of disabled individuals; and

  • To receive money and funds by way of contribution, donation, subscription, legacies, grants or any other lawful methods, and to receive gifts of property of any description in support of the Objectives of the Society.
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